The National Voter Registration Act [NVRA] Reconsidered

Estelle H. Rogers Former Director of Advocacy, Project Vote

November 3, 2011

ACS is pleased to distribute "The National Voter Registration Act [NVRA] Reconsidered," an Issue Brief by Estelle H. Rogers, Director of Advocacy for Project Vote. In the Issue Brief, the author examines the efficacy of the NVRA in light of an unprecedented amount of state legislative activity in 2011 constricting the rights of voters through photo identification requirements, limits on early voting and Election Day registration, and restrictions on “third-party” voter registration. In this context, Rogers surveys the NVRA’s successes and failures and offers suggestions for what might be done to achieve a greater level of civic participation envisioned by the statute’s drafters in 1993.

Read the full Issue Brief here: The National Voter Registration Act [NVRA] Reconsidered