October 7, 2019

First Monday: ACS Resources for a High-Stakes Supreme Court Term

Resources for the Start of the SCOTUS Term

Much is at stake in the October 2019 Term of the Supreme Court that begins today. Women’s access to reproductive health care. LGBTQ people’s ability to work free from discrimination. DREAMERs’ pursuit of productive lives in the only home many have ever known. And other cases that could affect the lives of Americans for decades.

Read Interim ACS President Zinelle October's statement.

In our First Monday resource roundup, ACS experts offer analysis on the salient legal issues before the Court.

Does Title VII Protect LGBTQ People? Tomorrow’s oral arguments will focus on three cases that raise the question of whether anti-LGBT discrimination is “because of…sex,” and thus unlawful under Title VII. For the ACS Expert Forum, Rutgers law professor Katie Eyer looked at the role of textualism and originalism in these cases and also wrote an issue brief about sex discrimination law and LGBT equality.

The Supreme Court & Abortion Access for Women Living in Poverty: On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear June Medical Services v. Gee—a major case from Louisiana threatening women’s access to reproductive health care. The Center for Reproductive Rights’ Staff Attorney Joel Dodge examines the implications in a new issue brief.

VIDEO: Supreme Court Preview: These and other significant cases on the Court’s docket were the subject of ACS’s annual Court preview event, featuring Kimberly Atkins, Hon. Paul Clement, Hon. Walter Dellinger, Katie Eyer, Hon. Donald Verrilli, Jr., and Shoba Wadhia.

Supreme Court Review Journal: The third edition of this journal features a series of critical essays, penned by the nation’s top legal scholars, on the most important cases and themes from the U.S. Supreme Court’s October 2018 Term, with a foreword by Duke University law professor Neil Siegel.