ACS Arizona Lawyer Chapter and the ACS ASU Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law Student Chapter, 1/23/2020, Panel discussion on impeachment. Moderated by Mark Kokanovich, featuring Professor Frank BowmanJanuary Contreras, and Paul Eckstein.

Michigan Lawyer Chapter and At-Large Lawyer Chapter, 12/12/2019, A Discussion on Impeachment with Barbara McQuade and Sam Bagenstos 

University of North Texas - Dallas Student Chapter, 12/5/2019, Articles of Impeachment - Happy Hour

Minneapolis-St. Paul Lawyer Chapter, 11/26/2019, Professional Responsibility During Impeachment Proceedings

Bay Area Lawyer Chapter, 11/25/2019, Impeachment - What Now?

Temple Law Student Chapter, 11/25/2019, Discussion with Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon

University of Pennsylvania Student Chapter, 11/20/2019, Impeachment: Procedure & Precedent with Professor Michael Gerhardt