November 5, 2019

12:00 pm - 1:10 pm, Eastern Time

“With Above the Law: Professional Responsibility and Constitutional Crisis

Columbia Law School, New York City, New York

We are excited to host Kathryn Rubino, Elie Mystal, and Joe Patrice, writers, podcasters, and commentators of Above the Law, for an open conversation about the personal and the political in the context of impeachment. Kathryn, Elie, and Joe will discuss our social and professional responsibilities during a period of (possible!) constitutional crisis. These days, it seems the most public constitutional arguments are happening online; yet as new lawyers, we learn to be careful about our online presence. But do we have a social obligation to engage with the public about constitutional law when the world seems to be going mad? Is the academic subject of the constitution even important to the daily, overworked life of a practicing attorney? And what can we even do to meaningfully engage in the critical public discourse about constitutional power and protection while keeping a lid on debt and jobs?


Above the Law keeps its finger on the pulse of the legal industry, and Kathryn, Elie, and Joe have a unique perspective to share about the art of reasonable provocation. Elie Mystal is the Executive Editor of Above the Law and a contributor at The Nation. He covers government, politics, and public law on Above the Law, serves as a guest commentator for MSNBC, has written for the New York Times and the New York Daily News, co-hosts the “Thinking Like a Lawyer” podcast, and is a self-proclaimed “professional provocateur.” Joe Patrice is a senior editor of Above the Law, co-host of “Thinking Like a Lawyer,” and covers…everything. Kathryn Rubino is a senior editor of Above the law and hosts the podcast “The Jabot,” focused on the intersection of women and the law. Her beat focuses on law school and BigLaw. She is also an alumnus of CLS.