October 25, 2019

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm, Central Time

Welcome to ACS at U Chicago (Constitution Day)

University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, IL

Professor Aziz Huq will be welcoming the 1Ls to U Chicago's ACS chapter and welcoming back the 2L and 3L members of the chapter. Professor Huq serves on the ACS Board of Directors. As this is our welcome back event, we will not be having any co-sponsors. 

While we understand that the event is about one month after Constitution Day, our late start to the school year did not allow us to host a Constitution Day talk. To make up for this, we have asked Professor Huq to provide the 1Ls an introduction to progressive approaches to constitutional interpretation as well as some counterarguments to strict originalist and textualist approaches. This will provide them with an introduction to some of the core values of ACS.