University of Chicago Law School

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Faculty Advisors

Jennifer Nou - Faculty Advisor

Geoffrey Stone - Faculty Advisor


Ian Baize - Co-Sponsorship Chair

Patrick Berning-O'Neill - Co-President

Sara Castiglia - Executive Director of Strategic Engagement

Paola Correia - Social Chair

Nicole Heller - Secretary

Meghan Holloway - Current Events Programming Chair

Casey Jedele - Treasurer

Brittney Kidwell - External Affairs Programming Chair

Alexandra Koscove - Director of Communications

Caelin Miltko - Director of Communications

Marie Plecha - Vice President of Membership

Katie Ross - Co-President

Katie Ross - Co-President

Lauren Sexton - Director of Internal Affairs

Catherine Steubing - 2L Representative

Jessica Trafimow - Social Chair

Nathaniel Warner - 1L Coordinator