September 5, 2019

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Pacific Time

Welcome Back / Learn about ACS Mixer

Bliss Rebar, Phoenix, AZ

One of the ASU chapter's main goals this year is to encourage more opportunities for student engagement with ACS other than just attending events / being on the board. To that end, we will be hosting a welcome back & learn about ACS mixer for all students, mostly focusing on the incoming 1Ls. At this mixer, the board will explain what ACS is, encourage everybody to pay nationals dues, highlight the importance of the ACS network, talk about upcoming events, and introduce the idea of an "ACS Member Event". The concept of the ACS Member Event is to allow any of our student members, whether they are on board or not, to be able to host an event around a topic that is related to ACS with the help and resources of ASU ACS. This helps our organization schedule more events, raise our profile among students, and allow for more student engagement.