October 7, 2021

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm, Central Time

The Right to Redemption & Death by Incarceration

Northwestern University Law Review, together with ACS, ALCU, and NLG are hosting a viewing party and discussion about Redeeming Justice, a piece by Terrell Carter, Kempis Songster, and Rachel Lopez. The piece draws from the lived experiences of coauthors Carter and Songster, both of who were sentenced to life without parole over three decades ago. Together with Professor Rachel Lopez, they argue for all human beings are capable of change. In light of this, the piece advocates that an inherent right to redemption should be reflected in the law, and that impermeable sentences like life without parole (or death by incarceration) amount to cruel and unusual punishment and a violation of human rights. 


The viewing party will be followed by a debrief discussion with Professor Shobha Mahadev, clinical professor in the Children and Family Justice Center.