March 21, 2023

12:10 pm - 1:10 pm, Eastern Time

Organized: A conversation on the state of American Labor Law and its Future

Columbia Law School, Room JG 105, New York, NY

The contours of the current state and future of American labor law is being shaped across the nation in courthouses, legislatures, and organizing drives. Unionization movements are cropping up in large corporations like Starbucks and Amazon, states like Michigan are repealing their right to work statutes, and the Supreme Court is preparing to issue an important decision in Glacier v. Teamsters. These events and their implications for labor law will be explored on March 21st, at 12:10 in JG 105 through a panel discussion between Professor Kate Andrias, Former NLRB Chairman Wilma Liebman, and Assistant General Counsel for UAW Stuart Shoup. Food will be provided.