March 3, 2021

New Cosmologies for Freedom in the 21st Century with Cara Page

The Rose Sheinberg Committee -- NYU Law’s project on cutting edge issues of gender, race, and class, and the ACS NYU Student Chapter -- presents the 27th Annual Lecture, “New Cosmologies for Freedom in the 21st Century” with Cara Page.

Conceived at the onset of the pandemic, this event is designed to introduce the NYU Law community to healing justice, a framework that identifies how we can holistically respond to generational trauma and violence with collective practices that transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies, hearts and minds. Join us as we learn from Page, an architect of the healing justice movement.

With “New Cosmologies for Freedom in the 21st Century,” Page offers a Black Feminist reflection on our current historic moment of fascism, white supremacy, and anti-Black racism, and explores how healing justice and transformative justice can build the power, care, and safety that we need to thrive.