February 29, 2024

12:35 pm - 1:30 pm, Central Time

Movement Lawyering: A Conversation with Erica Perry, Daniel Yoon, and Christian Snow

VLS: Renaissance

Please join ACS, LSSJ, and BLSA in talking with Erica Perry, Daniel Yoon, and Christian Snow about the power of movement lawyering! They will be discussing what it means to be a movement lawyer, how they perceive their responsibilities, and the importance of their role. Free food will be provided!

Erica Perry is an organizer and lawyer with the Southern Movement Committee based here in Nashville. She works with other organizers to advocate for Black and working-class communities, such as by fighting for higher community investment, alternatives to incarceration, and to increase democratic participation. Erica founded the Black Nashville Assembly and the Southern Movement Committee.

Daniel Yoon is a community lawyer in Nashville and is currently serving as the Legal Resource Advisor for Metro Nashville Community Oversight. They worked for the Nashville Defenders previously and in private criminal defense, immigration, and other civil rights areas.

Christian Snow is the Executive Director for Law for Black Lives, a national network of over 6,000 radical lawyers and legal workers committed to supporting the leadership of directly impacted communities and transforming the legal field to represent the values of movement lawyering, centered in building community power and democratizing the law. She was previously the program director at the Illinois Justice Project and worked at the People's Law Office.