April 14, 2021

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Eastern Time

Federal Courts and Progressive Ideals: A Historical Perspective on the Current State

Historically, the federal courts have been an important safeguard of people's rights and were instrumental in enforcing and bolstering the ideals expressed in landmark legislation. Join the NYU Law ACS Student Chapter for a discussion on the valuable civil rights legacy of the federal courts, how it has slipped from that mission over the past few decades, and its current state, as well as how federal courts can and should be engines of progress and what we can do to encourage this.


  • Brooke Coleman, Associate Dean of Research & Faculty Development, Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law
  • Deepak Gupta, Supreme court and Appellate Advocate, Founder, Gupta Wessler
  • Marin Levy, Director of Program in Public Law, Professor of Law, Duke Law
  • Alexander Reinert, Max Freund Professor of Litigation & Advocacy, Director of Center for Rights and Justice, Cardozo Law

To attend this event, please register here and find the zoom link here.