March 21, 2023

12:00 pm - 1:00 am, Eastern Time

Demystifying The Law School Experience: Subtle Messaging In Law School Classrooms

UGA School of Law, ATHENS, GA

Law students are aware of many of the ways that law and politics interact, of course, and often have a sense of the politics of their professors and the institution. We believe that there are also more subtle, but nevertheless, quite powerful political messages encoded in law school teaching, even by professors. In fact, we believe that those more subtle messages are among the most powerful political messages law school sends. Because they are hidden, they go unconfronted and unchallenged. This prorgam will explore the subtle messages promoted in law school classrooms and how they influence the politics, job choices, and careers of law students. This program will assist students in identifying these subtle, but important messages, evaluating their content and considering what actions they can take to challenge those they reject. There will be lunch provided to students who RSVP before 2/28 here : . We will be joined by UGA law professors Zhora Ahmed and Logan Sawyer.