December 3, 2018

11:50 am - 12:50 pm, Eastern Time

Criminalization of Poverty/Civil Asset Forfeiture

This week, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Timbs v Indiana, a case that seeks to invalidate a civil asset forfeiture by incorporating the Eight Amendment's Excessive Fines Clause against the states. On December 3 at 12pm in HH138, join ACS for a discussion of the policy implications of this major case. Featured speakers will be Professor Beth Colgan of UCLA Law (via videoconference) and Megan O'Neil, a poverty law researcher at Michigan Law. Professor Colgan recently discussed this topic on the popular First Mondays podcast. We'll discuss:

What civil asset forfeiture programs around the US may be affected by this case?

What other kinds of legal financial obligations and fines may be implicated?

How can defenders use this new tool to defend clients?