November 4, 2021

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm, Eastern Time

Civility in the Legal Profession

Hirsch Hall Classroom B

Join UGA Law's ACS chapter for our Civility in the Legal Profession panel discussion. 

Civility is a core tenet of attorney professionalism. Attorneys are the custodians of the Rule of Law so it is expected that they should embody civility in their professional lives, which often start in law school. The Civility in the Legal Profession panel will feature professors and a judge from the UGA Law community who will speak on various aspects of civility in their legal experiences and provide advice to students as they prepare to enter the legal profession. 

Dean Peter B. Rutledge will speak about social media. Professor Thomas E. Kadri will speak about free speech and cyber harassment. Associate Dean Andrea L. Dennis will speak about litigation. Professor Lonnie T. Brown Jr. will speak about ethics and bar violations. Chief Magistrate Judge Patricia Barron will speak about civility in the courts and sanctions.