March 6, 2024

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm, Eastern Time

ACS NE Ohio: Trumps Ballot Eligibility & The 2024 Election

Cleveland State University College of Law, Cleveland, OH

Please join the ACS NE Ohio Lawyer Chapter, and the ACS Cleveland State University College of Law Student Chapter as we host a conversation featuring former Solicitor General of Colorado Eric Olson and CSU Law Professors Dr. Abby Moncrieff, Reginald Oh, and Dr. David Forte as they discuss Anderson v. Griswold and Trump v. Anderson.

These cases call into question the historic issue surrounding former President Trump’s eligibility to appear on the Colorado primary ballot. The Colorado electors claimed that Trump was disqualified under §3 of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits anyone who has engaged in insurrection against the U.S. Constitution from holding office. The Supreme Court of Colorado held that electors were allowed to challenge Trump’s status as a qualified candidate based on their interpretation of §3 of the 14th Amendment. The case was successfully argued by Eric Olson. The United States Supreme Court then granted certiorari and recently heard oral arguments in Trump v. Anderson.

The discussion will provide details and analysis of the complex issues before both the Colorado courts and the Supreme Court. This will be a rare opportunity to hear, first-hand, from one of the attorneys who successfully argued the case before the Supreme Court of Colorado and to hear Constitutional experts discuss the recent actions of the Supreme Court.


Dr. David F. Forte, Former Professor of Law, Cleveland State University Law

Reginald Oh, Professor Alan Miles Ruben & Judge Betty Willis Ruben Endowed Professor Of Law; and Co-director, Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Cleveland State University Law

Eric Olson, Partner, Olson Grimsley Kawanabe Hinchcliff & Murray; Former Solicitor General of Colorado

Dr. Abigail Moncrieff, Associate Professor Of Law and Political Science; and Co-director, Center For Health Law And Policy, Cleveland State University Law