October 1, 2021

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, Central Time

ACS Nashville: Redistricting 101: What Tennesseans Need to Know, and Why They Should Care

With the new Census out, Tennessee and the nation are going through the process of producing new district maps at the local, state, and national levels. But the manner of redrawing and producing these maps is often confusing, and almost always unknown to the average citizen. What do citizens need to know about this process?

Come join the ACS Nashville Chapter for this program, which will demystify the redistricting process, explain the dynamics of redistricting in Tennessee, and help you get involved in the process.


Debby Gould, President, League of Women Voters of Tennessee

Shanna Singh Hughey, President, ThinkTennessee; Events Co-Chair, ACS Nashville Chapter

Matia Powell, Executive Director, Civic TN

1.0 hours of TN CLE credit is pending.

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