June 30, 2020

ACS Minnesota Statement on the Death of George Floyd

It took 8 minutes of horrific video footage to show us all what the Black community in the United States have known for centuries: racism, police brutality, pervasive injustice, and the inequitable application of laws are alive and well.

George Floyd’s death underscored the incredible need for systemic change, and cast an international spotlight on the treatment of people of color in this nation. As a progressive organization, we recognize it is never enough to simply say systemic changes are critical, rather it is our obligation to live the ideals we espouse through action. To this end, we promise to redouble our efforts.  

It is not lost upon us the responsibility that we have to ensure that our laws and Constitution are a force for protecting the rights and lives of those who need it most. We are in this together. At this pivotal moment in history, we will strive to empower those at the forefront of progressive advocacy and thought, including lifting up the experiences of people of color. THAT is how we become “a more perfect Union.”