Minneapolis-St. Paul Lawyer Chapter

ACS is the nation’s largest progressive legal network. We strive to ensure that the Constitution and the law work for all people by empowering leaders and informing discourse. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society would like to thank Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP and all of its 2022-23 sponsors for their support of the Chapter's programming.

There are no upcoming events at this time

Board of Directors

Paul Buchel - At-Large Member

Rory Collins - At-Large Member

Amanda Diedrich - Secretary

Chris Henjum - At-Large Member

Ali Hitt - At Large Member

James Holden - Student Chapter Liaison

Jack Huerter - At-Large Member

Christopher Jison - At-Large Member

Kathryn Kelly - Student Chapter Liaison

Rachel Kitze Collins - Co-President

Makenzie Lee - Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair

Adam Miller - Co-President

Ashley Repp - Co-Vice President

Kevin Reuther - At Large Member

Jon Schmidt - At-Large Member

Justice Simanek - At-Large Member

Saraswati Singh - Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair

Eliot Tracz - At Large Member

Brian Weeks - At Large Member

Michael Welch - At Large Member

John Zwier - At Large Member

Board of Advisors

Richard Allyn

John Baker

Hon. John J. Choi

Justin Cummins

Michelle Drake

Hon. Keith Ellison - Honorary Co-Chair

Beth Forsythe

John Gordon

Lousene Hoppe

Jeffrey Justman

Hon. David Lillehaug

Adine Momoh

Charles Nauen

Teresa Nelson

Mark Osler

Karl Procaccini

David Schultz

Hon. Steve Simon

Elizabeth Wefel

Steven J. Wells

Hon. Ryan Winkler