May 25, 2022

10:00 am - 1:00 pm, Pacific Time

ACS Los Angeles: Racial Justice and the Law Part VII: Health Justice

For the last two years, the Racial Justice and the Law series has been uplifting the research, scholarship, and work of people of color from across the US with expertise in various areas of law and policy including reparations, criminal justice, housing, education, and homelessness. Moderated by Professor Jody Armour, each conversation has highlighted systemic racism as related to that area of the law, changes in law and policy that seek to address it, and the advocacy tools that are necessary to achieve those changes.

This health justice panel continues these discussions with a focus on health and reproductive justice for people of color. The panel will explore the disparate impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on communities of color and health disparities that are rooted in inequitable access to goods, services, and opportunities that shape health and well-being. Roe v. Wade and its impact on women of color will be a core part of the discussion. The panelists will also discuss how to use law and policy as tools to advance health equity among historically marginalized communities in the United States.


Michele Bratcher Goodwin, Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Founding Director of the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy, University of California, Irvine School of Law

Moderated by:

Jody David Armour, Roy P. Crocker Professor of Law, USC Gould School of Law