July 27, 2019

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

ACS Georgia: Constitutional Conversations: Is There A Right to Education?

Milton Library, Milton, GA

Join the ACS Georgia Lawyer Chapter for the next installment in its Constitutional Conversations series, a set of discussions on current issues in constitutional law hosted with the Fulton County Libraries.

This Conversation will explore constitutional bases for asserting a right to education, covering the history of education equity and adequacy litigation in federal and state court. We will also discuss judicial practice and philosophy through the lens of the provision of public education, such as whether and in what circumstances courts defer to legislatures and the role of statistics and social science in constitutional analysis. We will conclude by considering what is happening in the field of school equity litigation today, and what should happen in the future.


Adam Sparks, Associate, Krevolin & Horst; Co-Chair, ACS Georgia Lawyer Chapter Executive Committee