Georgia Lawyer Chapter

ACS is the nation’s largest progressive legal network. We strive to ensure that the Constitution and the law work for all people by empowering leaders and informing discourse. The ACS Georgia Lawyer Chapter would like to thank Krevolin & Horst, LLC, Chilivis Grubman Dalbey & Warner, King & Spalding, and all of its 2021-2022 sponsors for their support of the Chapter's programming.

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Board of Directors

Justin Berger - Vice Chair of Diversity

Kameisha Binns

Jacob Dean - Student Liaison Co-Chair

Kacy Goebel

Sheronn Harris - Vice-Chair

Meredith Kincaid

John Kraus - Secretary

Shelby McKenzie - Vice-Chair/ Director of Media

Douglas Park - Director of Networking & Advancement

Andy Pratt - Board of Advisors Liaison

Megan Pulsts - Co-Chair

Bryan Sells

Adam Sparks - Co-Chair

Javier Trejo - PI Holiday Party Coordinator

Jordan Weber - Student Liaison Co-Chair

Matthew Weiss - Path to the Bench Director

Board of Advisors

Stacey Abrams

Kent Alexander

Miles Alexander

Hon. Anne Barnes

Emmet Bondurant

James E. Butler

Taifa Smith Butler

Jason Carter

Anthony Cochran

Harold Daniel

Hon. George Darden

Richard H. Deane Jr.

Mark Dehler

Frank Derrickson

Hon. David Dreyer

Anne Emanuel

Hon. Norman S. Fletcher

Harold E. Franklin

Hon. Scott Holcomb

Michael Jablonski

Neil Kinkopf

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy

Charles Lester

Jim Martin

Laughlin McDonald

Hon. Mary Margaret Oliver

Hon. Elena Parent

Jonathan Rapping

Robert Remar

Teresa Roseborough

Joseph Roseborough

Hon. Leah Ward Sears

Eric J. Segall

Stephanie Stuckey - Chair

Lester Tate

Sara Totonchi

Gerald Weber

David Webster