May 18, 2019

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm, Eastern Time

ACS Georgia: Constitutional Conversations: Confirmation or Confrontation? The Senate and its Constitutional Duty to Advise and Consent

Milton Library, Milton, GA

Join the ACS Georgia Lawyer Chapter for the next installment in its Constitutional Conversations series, a set of discussions on current issues in constitutional law hosted with the Fulton County Libraries.

This Conversation will look at the constitutional basis for the Senate's confirmation powers, with a particular focus on the federal judiciary. We'll discuss how the confirmation process has changed since the founding of our republic, including recent controversial U.S. Supreme Court confirmation battles; the role of home-state Senators; and the rise of the filibuster to block judicial appointments. Finally, we'll consider whether the Senate is currently fulfilling its envisioned role in the confirmation process or whether it has been overly deferential to the executive branch.


Matthew Weiss, Associate, Freeman Matthis & Gary, LLP; Member, ACS Georgia Lawyer Chapter Executive Committee