October 14, 2020

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Eastern Time

ACS Georgia and Athens: Voting is Our Superpower

The ACS Georgia and Athens Lawyer Chapters along with the ACLU of Georgia and GABWA (Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys) present a timely and critically important discussion and Q&A before Election Day: VOTING IS OUR SUPERPOWER!  


Given the long lines we witnessed at the Georgia polls during the primary state elections, we want to provide our members and the general public with the best information to create an effective VOTING PLAN as we head into the General Elections on November 3rd. Please join us so that you can listen to an expert talk about EARLY IN-PERSON VOTING, ABSENTEE VOTING, and PROVISIONAL EMERGENCY BALLOTS on Election Day. As Attorneys, we can become better informed, so we can educate our communities. This is YOUR CHANCE to ask questions! Don't miss out! 




Sean Young, Legal Director, ACLU of Georgia