April 29, 2023

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm, Central Time

ACS Chicago: Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison on Police Brutality

Venue SIX10, Chicago, IL

Join ACS and the Chicago Humanities Festival for a joint program with Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison. As Ellison prosecuted the police officers in the murder trial of George Floyd and grappled with how to deliver justice to the Floyd family while putting an end to police brutality once and for all. Now, in the face of new stories of police abuse filling the news once again, hosts of the podcast Some of My Best Friends are… , Khalil Gibran Muhammad and Ben Austen, lead a conversation with Ellison on how we break the wheel of police violence and finally make it stop turning.  

Register here using code “ACS5” for $5 off the ticket price. There are also a limited number of complimentary tickets available for ACS members. For more information on claiming one of the reduced-price tickets, please e-mail us at LCEmails@acslaw.org.