February 1, 2024

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm, Pacific Time

ACS Bay Area: How to Elect Fair and Independent Courts


Understanding our courts is vital to preserving justice. Join us for an informative discussion on why independent judiciaries matter and how voters can thoughtfully evaluate judicial candidates. Learn from esteemed jurists about the courts' local, county, and state roles. Educate yourself on our judicial system before you cast your ballot. With nonpartisan insights from prominent judges, this event will empower you to consider qualifications over money and politics when choosing the judges who serve our communities. Leave informed and inspired about citizens' impact in upholding the integrity of America's courts.


Judge LaDoris Hazzard Cordell (retired)—the first African American woman to sit on the Superior Court of Northern California, author of the award-winning memoir “Her Honor: My Life on the Bench…What Works, What’s Broken and How to Change It”

Justice Teri Jackson—the first African American woman to serve as Presiding Justice of the First Appellate District, Division Five. Justice Jackson has served on several impactful statewide committees, such as the Pretrial Detention Work Group, which resulted in a fairer risk- vs. money-based system of release and detention.

Justice Anthony Kline (retired)–the former Presiding Justice of First District Court of Appeal, Division Two, and one of the longest serving members. Justice Kline also served as Legal Affairs Secretary for Gov. Jerry Brown, is a co-founder of Public Advocates, a nonprofit law firm and advocacy organization challenging the systemic causes of poverty and racial discrimination. He is a leader in several civic organizations focused on youth and conservation.

Judge Lillian Sing (retired)—the first Asian American woman to serve as Judge of the Superior Court of the County of San Francisco and one of the longest serving members. Judge Sing started the first Drug Court for San Francisco County and served on its Domestic Violence Court. She is a founding member of Chinese Affirmative Action, the Mei Wah Bilingual School, and the Rape of Nanking Redress Coalition. She served as chair of the California Asian American Judges Association.

Judge Julie Tang (retired)—Judge of the Superior Court of the County of San Francisco and one of the longest-serving members. Judge Tang founded the Domestic Violence Court. Before her role on the Superior Court, Judge Tang served eight years as an Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco, handling criminal and family support enforcement cases.

Judge Erica Yew—the first Asian American Pacific Islander to serve as a Superior Court Judge of Santa Clara County, and Chair of the California Judges Association. Judge Yew has served on various statewide committees focused on ethics, access, and fairness within the judicial system.

The event will be moderated by Mary McNamara, a founder of San Francisco litigation boutique Swanson & McNamara. She was the 2022 President of the Bar Association of San Francisco and currently chairs its Independence of the Judiciary Committee.

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