September 2, 2021

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm, Pacific Time

ACS Bay Area: Children in Crossfire: How the Battle Over "Critical Race Theory" in K-12 Education Hurts Students

Across the nation, the battle over public school districts allegedly teaching Critical Race Theory is raging, but the students themselves are glaringly missing from the adults' battle. This panel brings law, education, and behavioral health into conversation as our guest experts consider the impact of the current debates on public school students who have weathered isolation and still bear the brunt of pandemic. To what extent is the students' right to receive information at issue in this debate, as it was in the Arizona battle over Mexican American Studies? Partisans claim that concepts and practices like equity, culturally responsive teaching, and social-emotional learning are "Marxist" and inappropriate for the classroom. What does the evidence say?

Join the ACS Bay Area Lawyer Chapter to learn more about the impact on students and how adults can best support them.


Dr. Maryam Jernigan-Noesi, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Agnes Scott College; Founder, Jernigan & Associates, LLC

Ajmel Quereshi, Senior Litigation Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Senior Fellow, Rappaport Center, Boston College Law School

Prof. Matthew Patrick Shaw, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Education, Assistant Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University

Moderated by: 

Mary Kelly Persyn, Vice President & Strategic Advocacy, New Teacher Center; Board Member, ACS Bay Area Lawyer Chapter