September 17, 2020

12:10 pm - 1:10 pm, Eastern Time

A Discussion on the Equal Rights Amendment

Two-hundred and thirty-three years ago on this day, the Constitution of the United States was ratified. Almost one hundred years ago, the Equal Rights Amendment, which would provide equal rights on the basis of sex, was first proposed. Today, the ERA is finally on the cusp of being ratified.

Join the ACS Colombia Student Chapter, this Constitution Day for a conversation with author and professor Julie Suk,and attorney and activist Kate Kelly for a discussion of the past, present, and future of the ERA, and how this Amendment might affect the rights of people of all sexes, genders, and sexual orientations in the United States going forward. 

To Attend this event, please join our zoom meeting by clicking here.


Julie Suk: Julie Chi-hye Suk is the dean for master’s programs and professor of Sociology at CUNY. She is a scholar of comparative law and society, with a focus on women in comparative constitutional law. She is most known for her recent work on renewed efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and recently published a new book on the Equal Rights Amendment, We the Women: The Unstoppable Mothers of the Equal Rights Amendment. Prior to joining CUNY, Dr. Suk was a law professor for 13 years at Cardozo Law School in New York, with visiting professorships at Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, and UCLA. She holds a D.Phil in Politics from Oxford University and a J.D. from Yale Law School.

Kate Kelly: Kate Kelly is a human rights attorney currently working as the Program Officer for Women’s and Girls’ Rights at Equality Now. She is a leading activist in promoting the passage of the ERA, and hosts a podcast called Ordinary Equality on the Wonder Media Network that explores the ERA’s past, present, and future. Previously, she worked as an Ella Baker Fellow at the Center for Constitutional Rights, a law clerk at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, a research assistant to the Chair of the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland, and a fellow at the Women’s Refugee Commission.