University of Virginia School of Law

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Faculty Advisors

Richard Schragger - Faculty Advisor

Sarah Shalf - Co-Faculty Advisor


Grace Allaman - Director of Communications

Julia Citron - Co-Director of Programming

Juhi Desai - Members at Large

Kiera Goddu - Vice President

Sean Gray - Director of Resource Development

Chase Gunter - Members at Large

Monica Hanratty - Secretary

Abigail Hauer - Director of Pro bono/Voting Rights Outreach

Steven Higgins - Members at Large

Io Jones - Co-Director of Programming

Sumit Kapur - President

Max Larson - Members at Large

Lauren Murtagh - Members at Large

Zachary Pierce - Co-Director of Membership Development

Chris Seiler - Treasurer

Tamar Ziff - Co-Director of Membership Development