Stanford Law School

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Faculty Advisors

Jeffrey Fisher - Faculty Advisor

Pamela Karlan - Faculty Advisor


Carolina Abboud - Communications Director

Sebastian Alarcon -

Meredith Bohen - Co-President

Anais Carell - Membership Co-Chair

Matt Cullen - Co-President

Lauren Davila - Membership Co-Chair

Josh Kirmsse - Judicial Co-Chair

Mickey MaCauley - Policy/Politics Co-Chair

Marni Morse - Judicial Co-Chair

Thomas Newcomb - Chief Financial Officer

Sandy Pecht - Academic Co-Chair

Cason Reily - Policy/Politics Co-Chair

Tessa Silverman - President

James Stone - Policy/Politics Co-Chair

Robert Vogt - Academic Co-Chair

Jack Weller - Community Development and Alumni Relations Co-Chair

Jeffrey Xia - Community Development and Alumni Relations Co-Chair