Harvard Law School

The ACS Student Chapter at Harvard Law School, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of our strongest chapters. The chapter regularly hosts programs of constitutional significance.

March 27, 2020 - March 28, 2020

2020 ACS Student Convention

Faculty Advisors

Nikolas Bowie

Michael Klarman - Faculty Advisor

Anna Lvovsky


Pierre Anquetil - Director of Membership

Brian Beaton - Director of Fundraising

Katherine Cion - Programs Director

Chloe Cotton - Director of Internal Activism and Community Engagement

Raisa Cramer - Director of Professor and Practitioner Engagement

Madeleine DeMeules - Programs Director

Izzy Jensen - Director of Trips

Deanna Krokos - Director of Academics

Martin Levy - Director of Educational Opportunities

Maria Manghi - Director of Diversity

Sarah Margulies - Director of Student Outreach

William McElhaney - Director of 1L Representatives

Aaron Mukerjee - Director of Policy

Steven Palmer - Director of Educational Opportunities

Samuel Rebo - Director of External Relations

Jenny Samuels - Director of Policy

Graham Sternberg - Director of Progressive Thought Project

Becca Tweedie - Director of Educational Opportunities

Kurt Walters - Director of Progressive Thought Project