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ACS has Lawyer Chapters in nearly 50 cities and active organizing efforts in a number of other locations. A list of all ACS Lawyer Chapters is available here. If you are interested in helping to organize a Lawyer Chapter, please contact us at or 202-393-6181.

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Constitution in the Classroom: May 1

The ACS Constitution in the Classroom program provides an opportunity for lawyers and law students to teach lessons based on the U.S. Constitution in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the country. Interested in participating on Law Day (May 1)? Check out the curricula here or email with “Constitution in the Classroom” in the subject line.

2019 ACS National Convention: June 6-8 in Washington, DC

The 2019 ACS National Convention brought together nearly 1,000 lawyers, law students, judges, and policymakers to address some of the most urgent and challenging issues confronting our nation. Convention speakers included Bryan Stevenson, Hon. Goodwin Liu, Rep. Colin Allred, Rep. Sharice Davids, Rep. Jennifer Wexton, Bob Ferguson, Hon. Anita Earls, and many more.

Panels considered such timely issues as the need for structural reform of the Supreme Court, the role that state courts and state constitutions can play in protecting rights and liberties, and the need to develop a comprehensive government reform agenda to repair and safeguard our democracy in the post-Trump era.

Check our convention page for photos and videos from the Convention.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

CLE Credits are a great way to attract new members to an ACS Lawyer Chapter event as well as encourage and incentivize programming attendance for busy ACS lawyers. More on how to apply for CLE here.

Program Guide

2019 Program Guide: Progressive Federalism

2018 Program Guide: Safeguarding the Rule of Law

2017 Program Guide: Fighting For Our First Freedoms

2016 Program Guide: Are All Voters Created Equal?

Lawyers in Action

Minneapolis-St. Paul Lawyer Chapter

On May 15, 2019, the ACS Minneapolis-St. Paul Lawyer Chapter hosted four state judges for a roundtable lunch discussion about their time serving as a judge and their unique paths to the bench. The Chapter’s hard work advertising paid off with a packed room. Attendees heard from Judges Philip C. Carruthers and Charlene W. Hatcher of the Minnesota Fourth Judicial District Court, Judge Peter M. Reyes, Jr., of the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and Associate Justice David L. Lillehaug of the Minnesota Supreme Court. The judges led an insightful hour of conversation, moderated by Assistant Ramsey County Attorney and Co-President of the ACS Minneapolis-St. Paul Lawyer Chapter Saraswati Singh. Our thanks to the event’s host, Robins Kaplan LLP; to its cosponsors, the Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers, the Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association, and the Minnesota Lavender Bar Association; and to the ACS Minneapolis-St. Paul Lawyer Chapter Board of Directors for all its hard work.

Chicago Lawyer Chapter

On May 20, 2019, the ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter hosted Emory University Professor of African-American Studies Carol Anderson for a discussion on her critically acclaimed book, One Person No Vote: How Voter Suppression is Destroying our Democracy. Professor Anderson shared her expertise on the history and current tactics of voter suppression – as well as her famed sense of humor – in conversation with ACS member Jerry Brown, a tax attorney at Siegel & Callahan, P.C. The lunchtime program quickly reached capacity, with attendees from the Chapter and the event’s cosponsor, the Cook County Bar Association, eager to hear from Professor Anderson and her extensive knowledge of the legal obstacles faced by the black community in America. We are grateful to the program’s host, Carpenter, Lipps & Leland, LLP, for providing the space and lunch, and to the ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter Board of Directors for its efforts in planning a fantastic program.

View past Lawyers of ACS events here.

Lawyers of ACS

May 2019

Seanna Brown

Member, ACS New York Lawyer Chapter Board of Directors

My last day in the office was the day after the election … I finished my last day almost numb, went home, and my daughter arrived shortly after. I was in the throes of new motherhood, lots of late nights and early mornings where all I could do was read the news constantly.  Not only was I separated from the rhythms of the practice of law, I felt as though overnight I had woken up in a country I didn’t recognize.  My dreams for my daughter’s future collided with my fears wrought by the (still) shocking marriage of America’s democratic institutions and the forces of modern celebrity.  The clash was in part emotional, and in part intellectual. It became my motivation to join the American Constitution Society.

ACS brings together diverse and engaged individuals who share a common goal of supporting our nation’s democratic institutions and strengthening the fabric and resiliency of our democracy.  Being a part of ACS makes me feel grounded in a community that aims to foment change, big and small.  ACS recognizes that lawyers have a unique role to play in the current political environment and gives us the platform to both use those legal skills and make connections to other like-minded attorneys.  For me, it rounds out a broad legal practice by keeping me connected to the issues that are near and dear to my heart.

Read more from Seanna and previous Lawyers of ACS here.

At-Large Chapter

ACS is launch an At-Large Chapter in 2019 with the goals of providing a forum for progressive lawyers in rural and suburban areas that want to make an impact in their local communities and beyond; and serving as an incubator for progressive lawyers in areas where there is no existing infrastructure for a lawyer chapter to establish a stand-alone, sustainable lawyer chapter.

Learn more about the At-Large Chapter here.


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