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ACS has lawyer chapters in over 40 cities and active organizing efforts in a number of other locations. A list of all lawyer chapters is available here. If you are interested in helping to organize an ACS lawyer chapter, please contact Lawyer Chapters at or 202-393-6181.

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CLE Credits are a great way to attract new members to an ACS Lawyer Chapter event as well as encourage and incentivize programming attendance for busy ACS lawyers. More on how to apply for CLE here.

Program Guide

2018 Program Guide: Safeguarding the Rule of Law

2017 Program Guide: Fighting For Our First Freedoms

2016 Program Guide: Are All Voters Created Equal?

Lawyers in Action

Arizona Lawyer Chapter

On November 15th, 2018, the Arizona Lawyer Chapter ACS held a highly anticipated “#MeToo: Law and Ethics” panel discussion at Arizona State University Law School in downtown Phoenix, moderated by Scottsdale employment attorney Denise Blommel. The 1.5-hour event drew a diverse legal crowd of over 50 audience members ranging from law partners to law students and encouraged a lively discussion regarding gender relations in the legal community. Professor Allison Gabriel kicked off the conversation by explaining the psychology behind workplace incivility and competition as it relates between and within the genders. EEOC Attorney Mary Jo O’Neill addressed the reality of sex-based harassment in the workplace, stressing that it is woefully underreported. Kelly Dermody, attorney and women’s rights advocate, further examined some of the reasons harassment goes unreported, and both Dermody and O’Neill shared that coming forward is imperative, regardless of title, as perpetrators rarely only harass a single person. Lynda Shely, a well-known authority on legal ethics in Arizona, outlined the ethical rules of conduct and sparked discussion with several “What would you do?” questions. This event concluded with a discussion of practical solutions, including investigations being conducted by neutral third parties and swifter actions being taken, and the need for each of us to act in our communities, as the law can only support but not ensure justice.

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