June 13, 2015

When Rights Collide?: Religious Liberty, Equality, and the Fallout from Hobby Lobby

Joan Biskupic

Reuters News
Begin: 0:00

Kelli Garcia

National Women's Law Center
Begin: 32:10

Kent Greenfield

Boston College of Law
Begin: 13:32

Douglas Laycock

University of Virginia
Begin: 4:40

Douglas NeJaime

University of California, Irvine School of Law
Begin: 22:40
Following the Supreme Court's decision last term in Hobby Lobby v. Burwell, and the efforts of states such as Indiana to pass their own Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, the potential for clashes between those seeking religious exemptions from anti-discrimination laws and those whose rights are affected by exemptions has become ever more real. What impacts do religious exemptions have on reproductive rights and the rights of LGBT people, among others? What might be the ripple effects of the recognition of corporate religious liberty rights? What legislative or other responses to Hobby Lobby are in the works? And are there compromises to be found that would protect both religious liberty rights and the rights of those adversely impacted by exemptions? 
  • Joan Biskupic, Legal Affairs Editor-in-Charge, Reuters News
  • Kelli Garcia, Senior Counsel, National Women's Law Center
  • Kent Greenfield, Professor of Law and Dean's Research Scholar, Boston College of Law
  • Douglas Laycock, Robert E. Scott Distinguished Professor of Law and Professor of Religious Studies, University of Virginia
  • Douglas NeJaime, Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine School of Law