May 14, 2015

Town Hall: Was Citizens United Wrongly Decided?

Citizens United v. FEC, National Constitution Center

Alistair Reader

ACS Boston Lawyer Chapter
Begin: 0:00

Jeffrey Rosen

National Constitution Center
Begin: 4:05

Lee Otis

Federalist Society
Begin: 7:45

Anthony Johnstone

University of Montana School of Law
Begin: 9:30

John McGinnis

Northwestern University School of Law
Begin: 9:30

At a May 2015 event, The National Constitution Center hosted a debate in Boston on the controversial Citizens United decision featuring election and constitutional law experts Anthony Johnstone and John McGinnis. 


Alistair Reader, Co-President, ACS Boston Lawyer Chapter


Jeffrey Rosen, President & CEO, National Constitution Center
Lee Otis, Senior Vice President and Faculty Division Director, Federalist Society
Anthony Johnstone, Associate Professor, University of Montana School of Law
John McGinnis, George C. Dix Professor in Constitutional Law, Northwestern University School of Law