June 10, 2016

The State of the Unions: What’s Next for Organized Labor?

2016 ACS National Convention

Dorian Warren

Roosevelt Institute
Begin: 0:03

Ruben Garcia

University of Nevada, Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law
Begin: 5:21

Judith Scott

Service Employees International Union
Begin: 12:06

Richard Griffin, Jr.

National Labor Relations Board
Begin: 22:41

Daniel DiSalvo

Manhattan Institute
Begin: 30:09

While the currently depleted Supreme Court deadlocked 4-4 in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, the latest challenge to public unions, activist anti-union litigants have had some success in recent years in restricting the efforts of organized labor to fight for living wages, gender and wage equality, and safe and stable workplace environments. With the Fight for $15 gaining steam, will unions grow in workplaces that are not traditionally organized? What role will unions play in the emerging “gig economy?” And how can organized labor prepare for coming challenges to union cornerstones such as exclusive bargaining agreements and renewed challenges to public sector unions? This panel will focus on what organized labor can do to continue fighting for workers’ rights.

Speakers - 

Dorian Warren, Fellow, Roosevelt Institute; Board Chair, Center for Community Change; Host and Executive Producer of MSNBC’s Nerding Out (moderator)
Daniel DiSalvo, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute; Associate Professor of Political Science, Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, City College of New York –CUNY
Ruben Garcia, Professor of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law
Richard Griffin, Jr., General Counsel, National Labor Relations Board
Judith Scott, General Counsel, Service Employees International Union; Partner, James & Homan PC