June 18, 2006

Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan Concludes ACS 2006 National Convention

Pamela S. Karlan

Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
Begin: 2:20

On Sunday, June 18, Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan delivered closing remarks at the 2006 ACS National Convention. Her insightful -- and witty -- reflections explored a wide range of legal and policy topics and brought the Convention to a close on an inspiring note. Professor Karlan's address includes a number of concrete suggestions for how lawyers, law students and other concerned citizens can get involved in promoting and practicing progressive legal and policy values. Summarizing the theme of the Convention, which addressed "Democracy of the Rule of Law," Professor Karlan suggested that "we need a rule of law that's more than just a law of rules. We need laws that are just, and not just laws that satisfy the presentment clause."