March 21, 2023

Social Justice Lawyering and State Attorneys General

Many state attorneys general have become deeply involved in the fight for social justice, bringing lawsuits to protect workers' or tenants' rights; enforcing labor, racial justice, and environmental laws; and working closely with non-governmental agencies to address urgent needs in marginalized communities. In this panel discussion, we'll talk with four current and former state AG lawyers whose careers have been focused on public service and social justice. All have worked both inside and outside of government; they'll share thoughts about the unique opportunities to effect change from within state AG offices, and about opportunities for attorneys to work for social justice from within government.


Marsha Chien, Managing Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, Washington State AG Office

Jane Flanagan, Director, Illinois Department of Labor; Fmr. Workplace Rights Bureau Chief, Illinois AG Office.

ReNika Moore, Director, ACLU's Racial Justice Program; Fmr. Labor Bureau Chief, New York AG Office

David Ureña, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, Massachusetts AG Office.


Terri Gerstein, Director, State and Local Enforcement Project, Harvard Center for Labor and a Just Economy; Fmr. Labor Bureau Chief, New York AG Office.