June 10, 2016

Shifts in Gun Politics, Policy and Constitutional Law

2016 ACS National Convention

Adam Skaggs

Everytown for Gun Safety
Begin: 0:01

Christine Van Aken

San Francisco City Attorney’s Office
Begin: 9:40

Alan Gura

Gura & Possessky PLLC
Begin: 22:34

Adam Winkler

UCLA School of Law
Begin: 38:27

Deepak Gupta

Gupta Wessler PLLC
Begin: 48:33
President Obama’s recent focus on American gun violence reflects—and is accelerating—the most significant change in gun politics in a generation. Since Sandy Hook, guns have gone from an untouchable “third rail” of politics to a central focus of the Democratic presidential primary. New frontiers in Second Amendment law have emerged after 'District of Columbia v. Heller,' and judicial decisions are imminent on key constitutional questions—like whether there is an unfettered right to carry guns in public, whether “assault weapon” bans and high-capacity magazine restrictions must be evaluated under strict scrutiny, and whether doctors can be prohibited from discussing guns with patients. What do lower court decisions since Heller tell us about the limits the Second Amendment may allow the government to place on gun ownership and use, and how has the recent shift in the gun debate affected both policymaking and judicial decisions?
Speakers  -
Adam Skaggs, Senior Counsel, Everytown for Gun Safety (moderator)
Deepak Gupta, Founding Principal, Gupta Wessler PLLC
Alan Gura, Founding Principal, Gura & Possessky PLLC 
Christine Van Aken, Chief of Appellate Litigation and Deputy City Attorney, San Francisco City Attorney’s Office 
Adam Winkler, Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law