August 6, 2020

Seeking a Public Sector Career in a Recession

Entering the workforce during an economic downturn is always a scary proposition; seeking a job during a public health and economic crisis can be downright terrifying. This is especially true for public sector jobs, which become more scarce as tax revenues shrink and hiring freezes are put in place. Fortunately for current public sector job seekers, some members of the ACS network went through a similar experience during the Great Recession and are joining the ACS Sacramento, Austin, Bay Area, Columbus, Los Angeles, and Puget Sound Lawyer Chapters for a panel discussion on the advice they have for students, recent graduates, and other folks looking to enter the public sector.

Adelina Acuña, Deputy Attorney General, Consumer Protection Section, California Department of Justice; Chair Emeritus, ACS Bay Area Lawyer Chapter Board of Directors
Jill Habig, Founder, Public Rights Project; Former Special Counsel to then-San Francisco District Attorney and Attorney General Kamala Harris; Member, ACS Bay Area Lawyer Chapter Board of Directors​​​​​​​
Jerome Price, Assistant Federal Public Defender, The Office of the Federal Public Defender for the Eastern District of California Gabriel Ravel, Deputy Secretary and General Counsel, California Government Operations Agency