October 28, 2020

One Week Out: The Legal Landscape of Election 2020

The 2020 election cycle has truly been unlike any other in modern history. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the way many Americans will cast their ballot, but longstanding norms that have governed political actors' conduct during elections have already been undermined. With the narrative and legal landscape surrounding the election seeming to shift by the hour, many questions have arisen as we enter the final week of voting. What should we expect on Election Night and the weeks to follow? How could ongoing litigation impact the administration of the election in these final days and could it impact the outcomes? What have we seen from the Supreme Court recently on election-related matters and how might that change with a new Justice on the bench?

Welcome Remarks:
Lindsay Langholz, Director of Policy and Program, ACS

Featured Speakers:
Jonathan Mehta Stein, Executive Director, California Common Cause, Moderator
Kat Calvin, Founder and Executive Director, Spread the Vote
Jonathan Diaz, Legal Counsel, Campaign Legal Center
Daniel Tokaji, Fred W. & Vi Miller Dean and Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin Law School