June 14, 2012

(Law) Degrees of Separation: Different Ways to Put Your J.D to Work

Elie Mystal

Editor, Above the Law
Begin: 00:00

Susannah Shakow

President and Board Chair, Running Start
Begin: 03:45

Carlos Sandoval

Begin: 06:10

Dawn Smalls

Director, Ford Foundation
Begin: 08:05

Jon Heredia

Partner, Brand Manager, The Couch Sessions
Begin: 10:40

Patricia First

Principal, The Raben Group
Begin: 13:05


Begin: 17:30

Despite a challenging legal job market, a law degree remains a versatile degree when combined with a bit of ingenuity. Fortunately, legal training can provide a leg-up to pursue political ambitions, to consult on important social and political issues, and to explore fields removed from the traditional legal settings of law firms and government agencies. Panelists discussed their path outside a traditional legal setting, how their legal training and skill set have helped them in different fields, and offered inspiration to lawyers and law students hoping to stretch the limits of their law degree and legal abilities.