March 15, 2016

Gun Violence and Communities of Color

Caroline Fredrickson

American Constitution Society
Begin: 0:02

Lois Beckett

The Guardian (US)
Begin: 3:12

Chelsea Parsons

Center for American Progress
Begin: 5:30

Amber Goodwin

Americans for Responsible Solutions
Begin: 14:20

Darrell A.H. Miller

Duke University School of Law
Begin: 37:21
On a seemingly weekly basis, our nation watches in horror as reports of another mass shooting dominate news coverage. But the death and injuries that result from these tragedies are dwarfed by the violence that communities of color face on a daily basis. And yet, even the modest gun violence prevention proposals currently at the center of our national debate fail to address this epidemic. On March 15, 2016, ACS hosted a panel discussion examining the intersection of gun violence in communities of color and policing, criminal justice, civil rights and the Second Amendment. 
Featured Panelists: 
  • Lois Beckett (moderator), Senior Reporter, The Guardian (US)
  • Chelsea Parsons, Vice President, Guns and Crime Policy, Center for American Progress 
  • Amber Goodwin, National Advocacy Director, Americans for Responsible Solutions 
  • Darrell A.H. Miller, Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law