June 15, 2012

Global Warming and Political Cooling: Addressing Climate Change on Many Fronts

Denis Hays

President and CEO, Bullitt Foundation
Begin: 00:00

Stephen D. Susman

Partner, Susman Godfrey, LLP
Begin: 01:35

Michael B. Gerrard

Andrew Sabin Professor of Professional Practice; Director, Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia Law School
Begin: 06:30

Adrianna Quintero

Senior Attorney; Director, Latino Outreach, National Resources Defense Council
Begin: 09:30

Jonathan H. Adler

Professor; Director, Center for Business Law and Regulation, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Begin: 13:30

Denis Hays

Begin: 16:00


Begin: 21:42

With the failure to pass comprehensive climate change legislation and unprecedented hostility to federal regulation, what other tools can be brought to bear to combat climate change? What state and local initiatives (state legislation, city ordinances, etc.) could prove productive? Given the Supreme Court’s recent decision in American Electric Power (AEP) v. Connecticut, which blocked state and local governments from using public nuisance claims in the federal courts to limit greenhouse gas emissions from electric power plants, what other bodies of law and litigation strategies might be employed? What does the AEP decision mean for pending cases, such as the Kivalina v. ExxonMobil litigation?