September 15, 2020

And Still I Vote: Voter Suppression and Advocacy Training

Voting is the language of American democracy. The ability to participate in civic life — to have a voice in choosing the elected officials whose decisions impact our lives, families, and communities — is at the core of what it means to be an American. At our nation's founding, voting was enshrined only for educated white men who owned property. It took more than a century for the franchise to meaningfully expand to people of color, women, people with disabilities, people who are low-income, and Native Americans. Today, some elected leaders are still working to silence people who were historically denied access to the ballot box.

Please join us for a special training for the ACS network on the history of voter suppression, what voter suppression looks like today, and how we can fight for voting rights with advocacy tactics to ensure greater access to voting in the time of COVID and racial injustice.


Leigh Chapman, Program Director, The Leadership Conference

Jordan Fitzgerald, Voting Rights Organizing Consultant, The Leadership Conference

Elias Hakim, Field Assistant, The Leadership Conference

Nevasha Noble, Regional Field Manager, The Leadership Conference

Lindsey Walker, Field Associate, The Leadership Conference

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