June 13, 2022

ACS Summer Reading List Book Talk: Manifesting Justice

Please join the American Constitution Society for a conversation with the author of Manifesting Justice: Wrongly Convicted Women Reclaim Their Rights, Valena Beety, Professor of Law and Deputy Director of the Academy for Justice at Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, about her new book. The author will be in conversation with Christina Swarns, Executive Director of the Innocence Project.

About Manifesting Justice:

Manifesting Justice focuses on the shocking story of Valena Beety's client Leigh Stubbs—a young, queer woman in Mississippi who, because of her sexual orientation, was convicted of a horrific crime she did not commit. Beety weaves Stubbs's harrowing narrative through the broader story of a broken criminal justice system where defendants—including disproportionate numbers of women of color and queer individuals—are convicted due to racism, prejudice, coerced confessions, and false identifications.

You can purchase Manifesting Justice here, or at your local bookseller.