July 28, 2020

A Brave New World: The Future of Tech Regulation



Big technology companies have changed daily life across the globe, making us more connected, more efficient, and more mobile. But critics accuse them of violating privacy rights, engaging in anti-competitive behavior, and contributing to our election crises with lax policies on political ads and the spread of disinformation. As a result, the call for them to be more effectively regulated has grown louder in recent years and multiple antitrust investigations have been initiated to review tech market power. What would regulation of technology companies look like? Are the states capable of effective regulation or is federal regulation needed? And what are these companies already doing to respond to critics' concerns? Watch our discussion on the future of tech regulation in an increasingly virtual world.

Featured Speakers:

Leah Nylen, Technology Reporter, Politico, Moderator

Danielle Citron, Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law

Markham Erickson, Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy, Google

Tim Wu, Julius Silver Professor of Law, Science, and Technology, Columbia Law School