June 10, 2021

2021 National Convention: Lawyering in the Biden-Harris Era


Litigators and lobbyists and advocates, oh my! While many lawyers hope to, and will, serve in the Biden-Harris Administration, there are many careers progressive lawyers can pursue outside the Administration. There’s a more progressive president in office now, but there’s still plenty of work to be done to shape the future of our country. Lawyers will play a key role in promoting progress and correcting the harms done over the past four years. What jobs exist outside the Administration for lawyers who want to further progressive ideals? What other ways can progressive lawyers outside the administration influence policy decisions? How should current law students prepare for a progressive lawyering career?


Palak Sheth, Public Policy Manager, Instagram, Moderator
Andrea McChristian, Law and Policy Director, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice
Jeffrey Sprung, Assistant Attorney General for the State of Washington
Estuardo Rodriguez, Principal and Cofounder, The Raben Group
Camilla Taylor, Litigation Director, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund