Toward a More Perfect Union: A Progressive Blueprint for the Second Term

December 2013

“Toward a More Perfect Union: A Progressive Blueprint for the Second Term” is a series of ACS Issue Briefs offering ideas and proposals that we hope the administration will consider in its second term to advance a vision consistent with the progressive themes President Obama raised in his second Inaugural Address. The series should also be useful for those in and outside the ACS network – to help inform and spark discussion and debate on an array of pressing public policy concerns. The series covers a wide range of issue areas, including immigration reform, campaign finance, climate change, criminal justice reform, and judicial nominations.

  1. Reinvigorating the Federal Pardon Process: What the President Can Learn from the States by Margaret Colgate Love (released January 24, 2013)
  2. Toward a Sustainable Future: An Environmental Agenda for the Second Term of the Obama Administration by David Uhlmann (released January 24, 2013)
  3. Is Our Dysfunctional Process for Filling Judicial Vacancies an Insoluble Problem? by Russell Wheeler (released January 24, 2013)
  4. Homeland Security and the Post-9/11 Era by P.J. Crowley (released February 6, 2013) 
  5. We Are in this Together: The Rule of Law, the Commerce Clause, and the Enhancement of Liberty Through Mutual Aid by Anne Marie Lofaso (released February 6, 2013) 
  6. What Process is Due?: A Return to Core Constitutional Principles in Immigration Reform by Aarti Kohli  (released February 6, 2013) 
  7. Assessing the Indigent Defense System by Erica J. Hashimoto (released February 20, 2013) 
  8. Defending Twentieth Century Equal Employment Reforms in the Twenty-First Century by Cyrus Mehri and Ellen Eardley (released February 20, 2013) 
  9. The FEC: The Failure to Enforce Commission by Fred Wertheimer and Don Simon (released February 20, 2013)