Thank You For Joining ACS


Thank You For Joining ACS

Thank you for joining the progressive legal community and becoming a member of ACS! Your contribution enables ACS to be on the frontlines of progressive legal change in this country. Right now, our laws and legal systems do not work for everyone. Racism is embedded throughout our laws, and our judiciary does not reflect the public it serves.

Together, we can change this. The ACS pipeline of progressive lawyers and judges can build a judiciary that actually reflects the racial, gender, LGBTQ+, and professional diversity of the public it serves. Our network of over 200 student and lawyer chapters are shaping the debate at the national, state, and local levels about priority reforms and legal issues. We are driving the narratives on death penalty abolition, court reform, and how we protect our democratic legitimacy.

If you’re still discovering ACS, we encourage you to check out a few of our great resources:

  • Diversity on the Federal Bench: We track the diversity of our federal courts as we strive to achieve a judiciary that actually reflects the diverse public it serves.
  • Upcoming Events: ACS and its chapters host a variety of events throughout the year, most of which are accessible virtually. You’ll hear from legal scholars, elected officials, and advocates about laws and systems that impact all of us and why the courts matter.
  • Check out your local chapter: The heart of ACS is our network, which includes over 200 student and lawyer chapters across the country.
  • Broken Law Podcast: Our podcast is about the law, whose interests it really serves, and whose it does not. Hosted by ACS staff, we reckon with the origins of our legal system, interview people on the frontlines of the progressive legal movement, and discuss how to reform our laws and legal systems so they protect all people.
  • Volunteer with ACS: Through ACS volunteer efforts, we connect lawyers and law students across the country to opportunities tailored to their interests, skills, and schedule. Sign up through our volunteer survey to join one of our ongoing research or pro bono projects

Our power comes from our members. This is why we are so grateful that you decided to become a member of ACS today. We encourage you to recommend ACS to your friends and family. Our laws and legal systems impact all of us, and it will take all of us to achieve the legal transformation necessary to protect the lives and rights of all people.