Stand Together

When it comes to the Supreme Court, anger isn’t enough. We need a real plan to reform the Court so we can restore its legitimacy and safeguard our democracy.

I know you’re worried. I know you’re angry. And I know you’re asking: How do we fix this?

The truth is, if we’re ever going to restore the constitutional right to abortion on the federal level, we need to reform the Supreme Court — and our entire justice system — to ensure that we have judges on every level of the bench who will protect constitutional rights, not take them away.

This is a critical fight for our democracy, and we need to act.

ACS is proud to lead this important fight. We advocate fearlessly and effectively for causes that further our core values of justice and equality, whether it’s addressing racial injustice by reforming the police and abolishing the death penalty, encouraging more active civic participation, or simply standing up to the far right’s efforts to pack election offices.

Will you stand with ACS today and help us build that infrastructure by renewing your support of ACS before 2022 comes to an end?